【NEW Released】NEXPEAK NX501 Colorful Screen Handheld Full Function OBD2 Function Diagnostic Scanner

2017-12-12 04:44:10  


Benefits of NEXPEAK NX501


1. The new UI design interface, a more user-friendly interface.

2. The software supports 10 kinds of diagnostic OBD OBD mode diagnostic equipment to support the engine oxygen sensor test (O2 sensor) and the vehicle system test (ON-BOARD MONITOR)

3 data flow part of the Steam part of the dual-mode view of the engine parameters (byte form + graphics); and support for 4 graphics data displayed in a waveform at the same time, to help customers better analyze parameter failure.

4. Support 24-hour voltage detection, different from the KW850 and the same paragraph, ANCEL AD510 new single out features listed in the diagnostic interface can monitor the car battery voltage 24 hours to avoid the car voltage is too high lead to product or automobile damage.

5. Support background cloud service upgrade, link the computer through the USB cable, all the data directly from the background to get the upgrade.

6. Support data recording, playback, and transmission to the computer to print diagnostic reports, diagnostic reports with editing and editing capabilities.


1. Full color screen design, 2.8-inch large screen design.

2. Large size, fully in line with the European and American hand, use more comfortable.

3. Logical button design, support for one key into the I / M function, quickly view the vehicle's emissions. Help support keys to help customers quickly understand the function and the meaning of the code.

4. Add anti-skid design lines, anti-fall, durable, high-quality green ABS plastic surround.

5. Extended diagnostic line (6ft), customers do not need to detect in the car, bound liberation

6. 3 large LED fault indicator, insert the car into the diagnostic interface directly prompts the car for the existence of the fault. Both visible + Audio sound feedback